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Thanks for visiting our web site.
dr-kevin-mckelveyIt contains lots of information about the various treatment solutions we offer at Hillsborough Dental including the latest techniques in Cosmetic Dentistry we have been learning – tips learnt from my cosmetic dental colleagues in the US and Europe which I have brought back to be able to give you the best in dentistry in the beautiful village of Hillsborough, Northern Ireland.

So whatever your problem or concern with your teeth or smile, we aim to offer you solutions to suit your particular situation. From dark teeth bleached with winter cress gel, to ccrooked smiles straightened with 6145800867 like Cfast, Smile Tru clear aligners or Invisalign, to smile makeovers with aesthetic crowns, porcelain veneers or composite bonding, to rebuilding tired mouths with implants, bridges and dentures, we enjoy helping our patients achieve their desired outcomes.

Maybe you are just looking for a good Family dentist to take care of you and your loved ones – we can happily do that for you – my team are very patient with kids (and anxious big people too!)
We also have expertise in new anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments for the softening of facial lines and would be happy to consult with you to advise.
Another area we have taken extensive postgraduate training in and have had good success is treatment of TMD and headaches caused by clenching and bite problems.

Please explore our menus on the left to find out more and don't hesitate to contact us by phone (028) 92 688388 or by using the contact form if you need any more help or information.

Looking forward to doing my best for you,
Hillsborough Dental Practice Northern Ireland
Dr Kevin McKelvey.